10 reasons to have indoor plants

As humans we simply cannot survive without plants.  Many recent studies show plants are not just physically beneficial for us but psychologically beneficial as well.

  1. Plants absorb our carbon dioxide and give off oxygen keeping the air cleaner and fresher.
  2. Research shows that a customer feels that, if a company cares for their employees by providing plants in the workplace, the company will also look after their customers.  Quality plants in the reception area make a great impression.
  3. Plants and their growing media absorb VOCs (volatile organic compounds) emitted by photocopiers,printers and many man-made products such as paints, upholstery – no office is without them.  Clean up the air in the office with plants.
  4. Reduce workplace stress – studies have found staff to be more relaxed when they share their environment with nature.
  5. Staff have less sick days when there are plants in the work environment.
  6. Productivity of staff improves in a cleaner, healthier environment.
  7. There is lower staff turnover in offices where plants are cared for.
  8. Improve your view.  How much more attractive is it to gaze at aesthetically pleasing plants than at bare office walls?  Plants can be placed in so many locations.  If space is limited they can be installed on office partitions or become the partition.
  9. Plants become the décor.  How fast does trendy décor date these days?  Beautiful plants just keep on giving.  Of course plants do tire of the indoor environment.  We at GreenGrove will change plants for you as part of the hire agreement.  So we actually change the décor for you!
  10. Plants are living healthy décor that will improve your bottom line.  Read more.

And One more reason to appoint us as your healthy plant provider:  We do all the work.  The plants will be watered, fertilised, cleaned and cared for by the trained staff at GreenGrove

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