Why Indoor Plants?

Beautiful plants and containers are an attractive, healthy, versatile and economical way to enhance your business.

Attractive – You can select from many varieties and sizes of plants for desktops, the tops of office partitions or floor standing plants that enhance any office or meeting room.

Healthy – Plants help to:

Research by University of Technology Sydney shows that plants remove carbon dioxide, add oxygen, absorb toxic emissions, improve aesthetics, absorb noise and reduce air pollution. Take this link to read the document.

Versatile – Plants are easy to move.  If you need to move furniture and desks, plants are easily relocated.  They come in so many shapes and sizes there will be a plant to decorate and give life to every part of your business – from reception areas to meeting rooms and work areas, plants add that extra something to wherever they are placed.

Economical – You would be surprised how cheap hire plants are – some are less per week than the price of a coffee!  Call for a free quote: 0438 910 468 or 0438 910 462

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